The Ultimate Guide to Loving & Supporting a Loved One With Trauma


Loving & supporting a trauma survivor can be scary, lonely & complicated...

Hi friend, I'm Carla Dawes, a Emotional Success Specialist and the founder of Rising Into Resilience, a coaching & wellness resource dedicated exclusively to supporting the spouses, loved ones, and caregivers of folks with PTSD or cPTSD (post-traumatic stress or complex trauma).

I'm so glad you're here. When I first started the journey of loving and supporting a trauma survivor (my husband), there was very little available to specifically support ME on that journey.

Over time (many years of learning, practicing, and training), I pieced together important theories and research, my personal experience, and practical somatic tools to create resources and programming to support others in this situation.

I created this E-BOOK GIFT for YOU. These tools worked for me, and now, through my clinical experience as the only Certified Coach who specifically supports loved ones of trauma survivors, I can confidently say that they've worked for hundreds of my clients from all walks of life.

The Resilience Roadmap outlines your path to building the courage, emotional peace, and healing you need to support your loved one and bring hope and joy back into your daily life.

In the book I share more about my personal journey and outline the exact steps I took to go from frustrated, struggling, and worried about my own mental health, to peaceful, free, and happy again. 

If you want to understand PTSD,/cPTSD, nervous system regulation, and trauma (including how your loved one's PTSD can affect YOU and what to do about it), this e-book is a great place to start!

I sincerely hope it helps. Please
reach out if there are other ways I can support you.

The Resilience Roadmap E-book will help you:


Understand why it makes sense that you're struggling & looking for support.

We mirror the autonomic states of those around us, so if your loved one is struggling, it ABSOLUTELY makes sense that you are too! It's not your fault. And the Resilience Roadmap is filled with ideas for supporting yourself as you support your loved one.


Find ways to bring peace & calm into your life....even when it seems impossible!

Your nervous system is probably out of whack and craving some regulation — finding ways to stay in your Window of Tolerance/Capacity (e.g. calm, curious, compassionate, connected, courageous & confident) is incredibly important on the journey loving & supporting a trauma survivor! The Roadmap can support you to move towards the peace and calm you're looking for!


Start to accept that helping & supporting yourself *IS* supporting your loved one

It's so easy to put ourselves last.....until we start to suffer too. Maybe you're starting to notice that already? Preventing secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and our emotions is critical for us to keep on keeping on.


Learn a little bit about Carla's story and start to recognize that you're truly NOT alone.

It took me a long time to build the courage to share our story, and now that I'm doing so, after reading the Roadmap, so many people connect with me saying "Thank-you, it was so great to know I'm not the only one experiencing these things and that there's nothing wrong with me." I hope you see parts of you in my story and have the courage to connect and share yours.


See the steps & tools it takes to rediscover your spark & decide the best steps forward.

It can be difficult to endure months (maybe years) of witnessing your loved one suffering, ESPECIALLY if they're not seeking or finding the support that they need. YOU need support too (*I'd argue maybe even MORE!). Even if you're feeling like you're at a relationship crossroads, the roadmap will support you on your journey.

You Might Be Wondering...

Who even made this guide? Who is Carla?

Well, the Resilience Roadmap will tell you what you need to know (nudge, nudge). But, in a nutshell, I'm certified as an Emotional Success Specialist, Master/Advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner, Somatic Stress Release Practitioner, Meditation & Mindfulness Guide, and hold a BA in Psychology & Sociology. All that said, I believe that the MOST important 'credential' I hold is that I too am the loved one of a trauma survivor. I've walked in your shoes. And when I was struggling, there was nothing like this available to me — so I created it so your path could be smoother. 💓

Do I have to read this whole thing at once?

Of course not! Once you download the Roadmap, it's yours to keep forever — you decide which parts are meaningful to you and which ones you want to skip. It's a quick read, designed to simply give you some support and ideas to keep putting one foot in front of the other and support yourself so you can continue to be the best supporter for your loved one.

Can I download this guide and read it later?

Yes, absolutely. But I'd encourage you to read it right away — sometimes we download things and they get lost on our devices and we miss out on the value they offer. But you do you. You'll get an email with the download, and some subsequent emails from me encouraging you to read it if you haven't already. It's yours to do with as you please. 😊

ALSO! We created an AUDIO version 🔈 of the Resilience Roadmap for you to LISTEN to instead of read (or listen to WHILE you read). So click below to sign up, pop in your headphones 🎧 and get started.

Ready to get your Resilience Roadmap?

We've also created an audio version of this e-book so you can download it and listen on the go!

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