all-inclusive transformational weekend retreat in beautiful Kelowna, BC

2023 Weekend Retreat Dates


July 13-16 (FULL!)

August 10-13 (Almost Full! 1 spot left for locals only (no accommodation))

September 14-17 (3 private accommodation spots left + 1 spot left for locals (no accommodation))

All-inclusive cost varies depending on your personal preferences:

Some options include shared or private accommodation; locals rate (no accommodation); structured or customized payment plans.

Please click any of the orange buttons below to see all your options.

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Join an intimate group of empowered, creative, heart-centered, humans who value personal growth, adventure, connection & unique experiences!

Embark on an inner journey to learn your deepest desires, center yourself in your heart, rejuvenate your body & soul, catapult your belief in yourself, get out of your head, & know deeply what is right & true for you.


It's time to make yourself a priority!

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Why Join Us?

Maybe you need an energetic boost or some soul-level connection....

Maybe you need a break or a reset?

Or you feel like you've lost some of yourself — through motherhood, a soul-sucking career or high-stress business, relationship challenges, a global pandemic, illness or burnout, or just some relief from the stresses that this life can bring.

Maybe you're feeling a little overwhelmed & unsure, asking yourself:

Who is this person?

What happened to me?

Is there more for me?

Am I living my truth?

Or maybe you simply recognize the need to recharge your spirit & you value growth & connection?

Sister, it's time to rediscover your essence and create a compass for your soul.....all while having some fun, connection & rejuvenation in the beautiful Okanagan Valley!

It's time to set an intention to feel good every day.

You deserve that. And knowing your core desires and how to move through

the stories & beliefs that have been holding you back are the first steps to getting you there!

If you want to nourish yourself so you can step into this upcoming season with courage & confidence, join us for a weekend of connection, clarity, compassion & FUN!

The Experience




We will gather in a stunning Retreat House in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada in the heart of the Okanagan valley with sacred mountains, beautiful lake vistas, vineyards & orchards surrounding us. You will be comfortable & pampered and feel safe and seen.

We will reflect & explore, move our bodies, quiet our minds in meditation & somatic practice, create safe spaces for & support one another, get outside & connect with ourselves, each other & nature on another level to amplify our confidence & connection.

We will work through a process that clarifies what you truly want in every area of your life, have empowering breakthroughs, & use that powerful awareness & expansion to guide your everyday choices & light yourself up again.

Join us in Kelowna!

3-day, 3-night, all-inclusive weekend Retreat

(Thursday afternoon-Sunday midday)

July 13-16 (FULL!)

August 10-13 (1 spot left for locals only (no accommodation))

September 14-17 (3 private accommodation spots left + 1 spot left for locals (no accommodation))

All-inclusive cost varies depending on your personal preferences:

Some options include shared or private accommodation; locals rate (no accommodation); structured or customized payment plans.

Please click any of the orange buttons below to see all your options.

What To Expect

Together we will create sacred space (inner & outer), establish a deep connection (with ourselves & our sisters), move through our thoughts/feelings/sensations and burn limiting beliefs (figuratively, and maybe literally.).

As we go soul-deep with desire mapping, we'll move our bodies; expand our hearts with gentle/restorative yoga, meditation, sound healing & breathwork; spend a little time in nature & out on the lake; enjoy some laughter + connection; & open our minds to infinite possibilities.

We'll offer up our own wisdom, connect deeply & learn from each other — like women always do.

You'll leave this weekend knowing your deepest desires, which will act as a guidance system for your decisions & goals in the months (& years!) to come.

You will make some soul-anchored declarations & attach them to some everyday PLANS.

This experience will change your life!

Is This Experience For You?


  • I want to create more abundance in all areas of my life—health, wealth, relationships!
  • I'm ready for adventurous experiences + energetic & personal shifts — I want to step into my power & live my truth...and to have fun doing it!
  • I take care of everyone else & I KNOW I can't thrive on an empty tank —I'm finally ready to make myself a priority!
  • I crave more soulful, meaningful connections & conversations in my life. I want to DEEPEN my relationships or call in new ones & I know the way to do that is by deepening my relationship with myself first.
  • I'm sometimes (or often!) unsure whether my decisions are TRULY taking me down the path I was meant to walk in this life. I'm fairly certain there is MORE for me & I want to access it THIS YEAR!
  • I don't feel seen or understood by my family, friends, colleagues or people in my life & that makes me feel irritated & lonely sometimes. I know I need better boundaries, but it feels so out of reach sometimes!
  • I'm ready to feel, deal & heal & I'd love to do it with support in community in a beautiful setting.

If you said YES! to any of this
then you're here for a reason

Whether you're a goal-setter/go-getter or a seeker who prefers to go with the flow, knowing your core desires & moving through some of the blocks that are holding you back will serve you.

Rejuvenating yourself in this environment will kickstart the process!

What Past Attendees SayAbout
Conscious Creation Retreats

"Carla consciously creates a SAFE and welcoming space. She is clear and compassionate and really helpful at asking the right questions to guide us on our journey toward self-care."

~ Michelle

"The retreat allowed space and time for self-discovery and self-reflection. Carla's a hopeful & energetic person. She inspires that hope and energy in other people. She helps people be the best they can for themselves."

- Carrie

"Carla is a beautiful and welcoming soul, she welcomes you with open arms and a heart full of love and compassion. My life has changed in many ways I never thought possible. And it's because I didn't have to be somebody else. I would highly recommend this to anyone — I feel like a completely new person!"

- Lauretta

"It was an escape—it was calming, relaxing and very safe. I expected a lot of tears instead of just having peace and safety and moving through. I've gone to a lot of things where it's like 'Go, Go, Go' and your brain hurts by the end of the first day and you can't process. I enjoyed the calmness & the free time in between working through stuff."

- Ami

"It was emotional but very freeing. I felt very free afterwards and very thankful to Carla for helping me get there. I was also surprised at how much FUN I had. The paddle board experience was just SO exciting for me. The views were amazing, the food was amazing, everybody laughing and just having fun together."

- Shauna

Meet Carla Dawes

Hi friend! I'm Carla. I'm a coach, standup paddleboard instructor, entrepreneur, nature love, reformed perfectionist, doting mom, fitness junkie, and a stress, resilience and EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping expert. I live in beautiful Kelowna, BC. I have spent my life seeking adventures and self improvement and FINALLY, in my mid 40s I feel like I am emerging as my TRUE self, living the authentic life that I was born for yet still growing into myself every day.

Danielle LaPorte's book "The Desire Map" flipped my ENTIRE approach to goals on its head. I always had dreams and set goals, but I never felt fully connected to WHY I wanted the things I did. I put all these things on my '40 things to do before I'm 40' list, but even when they were done, many of them felt a little disconnected for me.

I wanted to stop doing and start BEING. I started to recognize that some of the things I wanted were not MINE at all — they were just things society or patriarchy or capitalism taught me I should want, or in some cases, things I wanted for the 'wrong' reasons (think ego, social acceptance, and any other number of external and unfulfilling 'whys').

Now that I have that clarity and confidence, my desires are clear (and I believe I am WORTHY of them!) and my choices are SO much simpler! I can consciously create the life I crave. That doesn't mean I always make the right choice or that I never have to pivot, but it DOES mean that I recognize the need to pivot much faster and things flow much more smoothly than ever before. I wish this simplicity and clarity for you too!

I'd be thrilled to have you join this group of amazing women on a journey of self-discovery that will help you move through your complicated thoughts, feelings and emotions and guide you towards creating the life you crave.

With love & gratitude,


Guest Retreat Guides

Tyra runs Mind Over Mat, a community-based wellness initiative including Yoga/Unwind classes. She holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and is a certified 200 hr yoga teacher. She loves being outside, serving her community & staying active- it's a bonus if all of those things align and happen at the same time!

Tyra's classes are notorious for being welcoming to all bodies, nourishing the soul, & encouraging participants to be mindfully aware & introspective while moving in ways that work for their particular mobility. Tyra simply encourages you to just be you & do you.

Newbies to yoga & experienced yogis alike enjoy Tyra's classes. Conscious Creation Retreat participants have said things like "I've never experienced a yoga class where I felt so seen & nourished. Tyra is amazing!"

Parisa is a simple girl that believes that life is very simple & fun. She believes that when you look at life through the lens of your heart, you have found the key to a blissful journey on this planet called Earth.  She has a passion for, and a natural approach to, health, wellness & beauty. She also believes that the inner conditions – the mental, emotional & spiritual ones – are as important, or more so, than the physical conditions. 

Parisa also specializes in Esoteric spiritual acupuncture, being certified by the master Dr. Mikio Sankey. This modality works by tapping into your inner wisdom and beauty, allowing different layers of your heart to be recognized, making you see &feel more love for yourself, leading to a healthier, happier more abundant, conscious you.

Chelsea is a clarity life coach & is certified in trauma informed breathwork facilitation. Since 2019, she has enjoyed coaching, facilitating, mentoring & guiding others in 1:1 & group settings. Specializing in mindset & regulating the nervous system, Chelsea helps you consciously rewire the subconscious thoughts that are holding you back. Her professional background comes from corporate health care, where she worked with the executive leadership team and had a front row seat watching (in fascination) as people “burned the candle” at both ends. These experiences provided rich life lessons from which she draws on to weave throughout coaching sessions.

Having firsthand experienced the long-term effects of stress and toxic work environments, coupled with poor coping habits, she realized the gap in one reaching resiliency is most often an un-regulated nervous system. Chelsea brings an empathetic & intuitive approach to offering support, resources & guidance to help others connect with self and uncover the tools they need for whatever adventures may find them on their journey through life.

Your Retreat Location Beautiful Kelowna, BC

Here's what's you get at this all-inclusive weekend experience in Kelowna, BC

Join us in Kelowna!

July 13-16 (FULL!)
August 10-13 (1 spot left for locals only (no accommodation))
September 14-17 (3 private accommodation spots left + 1 spot left for locals (no accommodation))

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(e.g. shared or private accommodation; structured payment plan; customized payment plan; locals rate).


We've got A's for your Q's

What time do we arrive on Thursday? What time do we leave on Sunday?

Arrival is between 3-6pm on Thursday; airport transfer is included in the cost of the retreat (airfare is NOT included).

Departure is 11am on Sunday; however, if you must book a later departure, please make arrangements with Carla as soon as your booking is confirmed!

All you need to do is get yourself to Kelowna and everything is taken care of from there!!

How many spaces are available?

These retreats are designed to be a more intimate experience, so they're usually 6 people to a maximum of 9 (if people are sharing a room). This size offers optimum connection & safety + more individual time & attention from the guides.

Will I have my own bedroom and bathroom?

You get to choose — there are options for Private or Shared rooms, with a discount for shared space.

If you choose to share & have a friend that's coming too, please include their name in the 'special instructions' field. Otherwise, you will be placed in a space with another lovely human who's open to sharing.

One bedroom has its own private bathroom; the others share (2 bedrooms to a bathroom).

Every single room in the Retreat House is as lovely and comfortable as can be, and there are plenty of private indoor and outdoor spaces where you can retreat if you just need some quiet YOU time!

I'm local (or have local friends or family to stay with), can I join the retreat & stay at my own home or accommodation?

Yes! This is the first year I'm offering a locals option without the accommodation. I will ask you to adhere to the retreat schedule, except for the breakfasts.

This means you will join the group the wine & cheese welcome reception/dinner (Thursday), for lunches on Friday & Saturday, and for the celebration dinner at the winery on Saturday evening. Feel free to connect with me if you have additional questions!

Can I come late or leave early if the dates don't exactly work for me?

Well, the short answer is: you will get the most out of this intimate group experience if your dates & times are aligned with other participants.

In some cases, participants have arrived on Friday morning instead of Thursday afternoon/early evening; however, they find that they feel as though they've 'missed out' on the Thursday activities & the initial connection that happens at the Wine & Cheese Welcome Dinner on Thursday evening.

If you'd like to stay longer and have more down time, we do offer an option to stay an extra night (Sunday) if that feels aligned for you. If you're unsure, you can email us any questions or thoughts and we'll take it from there!

If flight arrangements necessitate arriving before 3pm on Thursday, please connect with Carla after you've made your booking & we will make arrangements for an earlier airport transfer + earlier arrival at the Retreat House.

Can I bring my own car? Is there safe parking?

Yes! You are welcome to drive to the retreat & park your vehicle at the Retreat House.

Once you've secured your spot, Carla will connect with you to confirm your arrival & departure times to arrange transportation as necessary.

All transportation is provided during the retreat, but you are welcome to use your own vehicle while you are here if that's more comfortable or preferable to you.

What airport do I fly into?

The best is to fly directly to Kelowna — the airport code for our airport is YLW.

You can also fly to Vancouver and rent a car to drive to Kelowna. The drive is between 4-5 hours, depending on traffic.

Once you secure your spot, book your flight RIGHT away!! Carla will reach out to confirm your arrival & departure times and arrange transfer from the airport to the Retreat House.

There are several airlines that fly direct to Kelowna from many cities in Canada & the USA.

The most common are:

  • Westjet
  • Air Canada
  • Swoop
  • Flair
  • Alaskan Air

The best way to explore all the possible options & find the best flights is to use Google Flights:


What if I want to spend more time exploring Kelowna or the Okanagan region?

Wonderful! We can offer many tips & suggestions for some of the best attractions & activities in our beautiful Okanagan Valley.

We offer an add-on additional night of accommodation on Sunday & can support you to plan your activities, if that's helpful. Please email us!

If you fly to Kelowna, airport transfer to the Retreat House is included on Friday & return to the airport on Sunday OR Monday is also included.

If you'd like to spend several additional nights, please email us, we can make some suggestions for accommodation options in the region, but please keep in mind that accommodations book up QUICKLY here in the summer, so reserving something ASAP is advised.

What if I get sick or something comes up?

These are intimate retreats that include meals & accommodations, so we need a confirmed list of attendees & cannot offer refunds.

That said, we understand that life happens & in severe, extenuating circumstances where something comes up & you cannot attend, we will do our best to help you find someone to fill your spot.

Can I bring my pet?

No, I'm sorry, pets cannot be accommodated unless your pet is designated as a service pet.

The Retreat House is home to two dogs, at least one of which will be present during the retreat (which participants LOVE! Talk about wonderful co-regulation!), so additional pets simply complicates things.

Please do not plan to bring your pet.

What if I have any sort of allergies and/or a food intolerance(s)?

Yes, we absolutely accommodate food allergies & also can offer vegan or vegetarian options.

The caterer requires allergy & intolerance information the week before the retreat, so please email carladawes@ shaw.ca as soon as you can to inform her of your needs.

The Retreat House is home to pets (dogs) & at least one, possibly two will be present during the retreat. Retreat participants generally LOVE this, but if you have an allergy, it is not recommended that you join this retreat (or come fully prepared with medication that works for you!)

For any other allergies or insensitivities (e.g. to smells, incense, aromatherapy, etc.), please inform Carla of your situation as soon as possible after you book your spot.

If you have additional questions, simply email us.

Are all food and drinks included?

Yes, all meals and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the cost of the retreat.

Wine will be provided on the first night for the Wine & Cheese Welcome Dinner & at the Saturday night Celebration Dinner at the local winery.

If you wish to consume additional wine or other alcohol, please bring your own.

Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

Yes! Our caterer is excellent with this — we've had all sorts of requests and preferences including vegan, vegetarian, anaphylactic allergies, etc.

Please inform us of your needs in the special requests field at checkout.

I'm just not sure if a retreat is for me, how do I decide?

If you're not sure if this is a fit for you, please just email us and we can set up a connection call to have all your questions answered!

A weekend retreat can be a beautiful investment in YOU and your growth and expansion, but I want you to feel confident that it is 100% what you want and need in this season in your life adventure, and I'm happy to provide any information you need to support you to decide whether or not this will be a fit for you.

Is the personal work scary or intense? Should I expect to cry or be overwhelmed?

What if I have a trauma history?

You will feel safe, seen and held in this space. You might cry — we've born witness to tears of all varieties during these retreats — sadness, joy, frustration, self-compassion — you name it!

The common thread is that vulnerability is welcomed and celebrated here, and Carla creates and holds a safe space that has its foundation in two of her core values — acceptance and compassion.

All of you, ALL your parts are welcome here.

The retreat content is prepared from a trauma-informed perspective — Carla has much training and experience in this area and is well-known for her compassion and ability to hold space for people in intense and deep processes while helping them feel safe and supported.

That said, if you are currently experiencing post-traumatic stress, have active trauma or are in active trauma recovery, please chat with Carla about your situation and concerns prior to booking your spot. You can email her at carladawes@shaw.ca

Is it all-inclusive?

Yes, with the exception of your airfare!

All accommodations, transportation, food, drinks & personal development is included in the price.

You must arrange and pay for your own flights. Once you're in Kelowna, we cover everything from there!

Please note that wine is provided for the Wine & Cheese Welcome Dinner and at the Celebration Dinner; if you desire different or additional alcoholic beverages, please bring your own.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your spot; customized payment plans are available. When you complete your registration & deposit payment, you can add information in the "Special Requests" field, or connect with us and we can chat about what works best for both parties!

Have another question that wasn't covered here?

Please email Carla.